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Since its formation, Bauwer Group has established itself as the UK's highest quality and lowest cost manufacturer of Perlite based insulation render and plaster.

Our manufacturing operations successfully combine research expertise and modern production facilities. Our key expertise is in production of fire-resistant insulation materials based on volcanic glass called Perlite. We create and improve sustainable insulation render based on natural minerals that effectively make your property warm and healthier to live in.

Bauwer Group has developed and implemented innovative production processes of inorganic mineral fillers. Instead of gas and diesel fuel, which are used in a classic processing technology, we use electricity. This method proved to be more economically justified and ruled out any exhaust emissions and dust in the atmosphere. Our technology of minerals perlite swelling are protected by patents in the EU.

Bauwer products conform to the requirements of standards EN 988-1:2010.

During the process of creating new products and improving its quality, our company is working closely with specialists of the leading research institutes.

To maintain a high level of guaranteed quality, human impact on the manufacturing process is minimized. Bauwer products are produced on the fully automatic manufacturing line specifically designed for dry mixes with light fillers.

We are continuously working to improve our products and to simplify application processes. Moreover, we aim to improve safety, performance and development of the new technologies.

We understand the demands and expectation of our customers and we offer highest quality and lowest cost solutions. As a family-owned business, our aim is to give you the best product and service possible.